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7 Amazing Benefits of RO Water Purifiers for Your Health

benefits of ro water purifier

Millions of Indian people have water purifiers but they don’t know what are the benefit. If you have RO this question comes to your mind is safe to drink RO water? What are the Benefits of RO Water Purifiers ?  Get ready to be surprised as we uncover the truth about your tap water and the 7 amazing benefits of RO.


This article will introduce you to the incredible advantages of RO water purifiers – your new health allies.


Before we start What are the advantages and disadvantages of RO water purification? Let’s first face a simple truth – your tap water could be carrying hidden risks. 


Think of it as a secret stash of contaminants and pollutants that you don’t want to consume. Chlorine, heavy metals, and unwanted substances might be hiding in your glass. It’s time to be aware: your tap water might not be your healthiest option.


If you see there are plenty of Benefits of water purifiers but below we will uncover the 7 amazing benefits of ro water purifier.

Multiple stages of Water Purification:

benefits of ro uv water purifier

What i that mean by multiple stages of water purifier This means a best RO consists 6-8 stages of water purification. These stages have their own work in purifying water.


Example: Dust Particles, Smell, Odour, Bacteria and viruses, and TDS Control, etc. get cleared on different stages.


Let’s dive into deep explore with stages vise.

Stage 1 : Pre Sediment filter

Pre Sediment filter is called pre-filter and this is usually fixed outside of the water purifier. The job of a Pre-filter is to control mud & visual impurities from water.

Stage 2 : Sediment Filter

Sediment Filter Yes you heard many time this filter name when a technician comes to service your purifier at your home.


And you have a question about this filter Does sediment filter reduce TDS? No this filter cant reduce TDS but the task of this filter to remove various suspended particles such as Dirts, Sand, and rust.

Stage 3: Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter What does the carbon filter remove? This filter plays a crucial role in water purifiers it removes unnecessary Chemicals and organic compounds.


Such as chlorine, pesticides, and other Volatile Organic Compounds.

Stage 4: RO Membrane

RO Membrane the Full of this ( Reverse Osmosis Membrane ) The RO membrane remove remaining germs, chemicals, excessive salt, and suspended particle which is remaining after the three stages.


UV CHAMBER This is the stage where any 1 to 2 percent germs left in this stage UV Chamber Kill the bacteria and it gives Pure water.

Stage 6 : Post Carbon

Post Carbon if you heard this filter Name Now this will come to your What does the post carbon filter do?


Post Carbon works in Different ways in your water purifier all stage have done their Job Post Carbon come into the picture. This filter adds taste to your water and it also removes remaining germ which is not removed earlier.


This will give you drinkable Pure water.


It is the last stage of the water filtration Process Where any germ will left this ultra filtration Filter removes germs like pyrogen and colloids.


Now your water is free from all types of germs, microbes, chemicals, excessive salt, bad taste, and bad odour. 

Lastly, water will be received from the tap is clear crystal and drinkable. These are the first Benefits of RO Water Purifiers.

2. Protected From Waterborne Diseases:

is water purifier good for health

Do you know? Less than Half of the Indian population can drink that’s  both safe and properly handled. 


why I’m telling you because the water you are using might be dangerous and contain harmful bacteria and viruses.


Source: According to a report from UNICEF.


Now Let’s Decode how RO Purifier protects you from waterborne diseases.


In Water Purifiers there is a part used called the semipermeable membrane that has microscopic pores it 0.0001 micron wide to purify and drinkable water.


but but but….


What is the use and what are Reverse osmosis water purifier benefits?


The answer is it extracts and eliminates the abundance of harmful bacteria, fungus, germs and parasites, viruses from the water.


Many RO water purifiers also include a UV chamber, which helps to eliminate any remaining bacteria and viruses in the water.


It means the water you get from the ro water purifier is safe from microorganisms that can cause diseases. 


As a result, the ro water will keep you save from toxic water born diseases and keep you FIT-Healthy.

3. RO Water Maintain Good Oral Health :

Most of people ask Is RO water good for teeth? Yes but First let’s understand the Pros of using RO water purification.


So you often hear from dentists why they advise you to use RO water because RO water is good For your Oral Health and teeth cleaning.


Many people do not know the fact is if you drink unsafe water it affects your teeth badly.

4. RO Removes Heavy Metals From Drinking Water:

In 2019 a study conducted by the Ministry of Jal Shakti revealed. water samples from many major rivers in India that had higher-than-acceptable levels of heavy metals.


like cadmium, copper, iron, lead, and nickel. 


So come to the point most homes depend on groundwater which is not good because it faces high levels of heavy metals. Thus it is possible to filter the water from these contaminants.


As we discussed above the carbon filter and how it works in stage 3. Remove heavy metals and make water 100% clean For drink.


In addition, RO water purifier with a mineral booster includes the right kinds of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Which are beneficial for health and it enhance the taske of water.

5. Promotes Better Metabolism and Supports Digestive Processes

Does drinking pure water improve metabolism and digestion? Yes, Drinking Pure water containing essential minerals helps enhance the body’s overall metabolism. 


So you got your answer about how pure water improves metabolism.


A fast metabolism results in the body burning more calories while at rest, indicating good health.


One more Benefits of RO Water Purifiers to improve metabolism it help speeds up the digestion process, leading to increased energy feeling active, and a sense of well-being. 


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), enough copper is necessary for the optimal operation of several vital enzyme systems within the body.


Did you know? Most of the new water purifiers in the market add copper after the purification Process. 


Because it helps the water break down fats, boost metabolism, and aid digestion.


Before we jump into the sixth Benefits of RO Water Purifiers.


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RO water purifier benefits for health

6. Supports Weight Loss

Do you know Pure water support in weight loss don’t know let’s understand.


if you’re not drinking enough of this magical elixir, your digestion could suffer and your metabolism might take a nosedive. Yikes!


Water is a true superhero when it comes to digestion! It swoops in to break down your food, whisk it through your intestines, and helps your body absorb all the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.


That’s why it’s crucial for anyone looking to shed some pounds to understand the power of pure water from an RO water purifier. 


Not only does it give your metabolism a boost, but it also helps your body digest food more efficiently, leading to more effective weight loss. So go ahead and drink up, superhero! Your body will thank you.

7. Is RO Water Improves Hair and Skin?

Did you know that water can work wonders for your hair and skin? Now you thinking Is RO water good for your hair? 


Yup, you heard that right! Water is a key ingredient that can make you look and feel healthy. Our skin cells are mostly made up of water, so if we don’t drink enough of it, we can end up with dry, sensitive skin and even premature ageing. Yikes!


But don’t worry, there’s an easy fix. Drinking a healthy amount of pure and safe drinking water is the key to maintaining moisturised skin and strong hair. And the best way to get your hands on clean and safe drinking water is through an RO water purifier. 


So, go ahead and quench your thirst with some refreshing H2O, and watch your hair and skin glow with radiance!


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Final Thought

In summary, RO water purifiers serve as more than just a kitchen appliance; they act as a silent guardian of your health. 


By providing you with purified, crystal-clear water that is free from contaminants and heavy metals, they not only safeguard you against waterborne illnesses but also enhance your metabolism, digestion, and weight loss efforts. 


Additionally, they work wonders for your skin and hair, promoting a healthy and vibrant appearance. 


Therefore, if you have ever contemplated the advantages of RO water purifiers, rest assured that they are the key to a healthier and happier you. 


Do not simply consume water; opt for purity with RO water purifiers.

RO water purifiers offer multiple stages of water purification, removing impurities like dust, odor, bacteria, and chemicals to provide safe drinking water.

Yes, you need an RO purifier for those who don’t have access to any Freshwater. especially people who want to drink pure water this is best for the people.

Yes, You Can Drink Directly From RO Purifier.

An RO water purifier works through a series of stages, including pre-sediment and sediment filters, a carbon filter, RO membrane, UV chamber, a post-carbon filter, and ultra-filtration, ensuring thorough purification.

Yes, RO water purifiers use a semipermeable membrane and UV technology to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms, making the water safe to drink and protecting against waterborne diseases.

Yes, RO water is good for oral health as it prevents the intake of unsafe water, which can negatively affect teeth. Drinking purified water is recommended by dentists for maintaining good oral health.

Yes, RO water purifiers, especially those with carbon filters, effectively remove heavy metals like cadmium, copper, iron, lead, and nickel, ensuring clean and safe drinking water.